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Human Rights and Marriage Laws. (short and sweet version)

Hey Guys,

As you probably already know this will be about a very important topic

and that is gay marriage. To be honest, any type of marriage should be legal and hopefully will be. in the 1900’s interracial couples were given the right to marry, which was seen as a happy advancement to peace and equality of society. Now we are trying to have homosexual couples wed legally but many  people are opposed to this idea for reasons of religion, procreation and the “re-definition” of marriage.  Many people belive the homosexual “lifestyle” (makes it sound like choice even though it is not) is wrong in God’s eyes, but in the Bible, Jesus himself had never said anything about how two men or women living in holy matrimony is a sin and that all homosexuals are doomed to Hell for enternity even though anti-gay protesters feel the need to put such ignorant statements (as seen above) on there signs. Also many figures in today’s american society such as Mitt Romney believe that children who are raised by a man and woman are in a more of a healthy enviorment than children who are raised by two parents of the same gender- I know does not make much sense, I was raised mainly by my loving, supporting father because my mother died when I was 7 and I turned out to be a regular ordinary teenager who is successful and content with there life. Another reason that people are so against marriage for gay couples is they claim that this wil re-define marriage and it really wont to be as blunt as possible. A marriage is between two people who love each other who want to live in matrimony and that is about it. I think people really need to let this issue go, let people marry who they want and we should all live in peace. A marriage is a marriage regardless of partners. I hope this did not bored the hell out of anyone but I really needed to get this out of my system. I know (gay) marriage is a sensitive topic for many but it needs to be said. I hope you all have a fantastic night! or day…whatever time it is where you live make it fantastic! I love you so much. If you want to talk about topics such a these just message me or recommend me a topic to write about because I love writing these. Anyways I love you , bye!

PS. Gay is Okay!


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